Masihi Vandana Delhi            (Back to the Bible) is a 76 year-old ministry founded by Theodore Epp. His passion was to use modern technology to “bring people back to the Bible.” That began our iconic radio program.

Fast forward many years, armed with a desire to be true to our founder, Dr. Arnie Cole has led Back to the Bible into digital media. This app will continue to help “bring people back to the Bible” by sending users personalized Bible content each day as many times a day as you wish, whenever you would like them. The content is personalized based on your answers to assessment questions when you first download the app.

Beyond these features, the BB Daily app delivers messages to you with great gems of our rich history. Hear Dr. Ron Moore in our daily radio program, listen to short encouragements from Bible teachers such as Dr. Warren Wiersbe and Dr. Ron Moore, and receive biblical content in subjects that meet your spiritual needs right where you are each day. By using the BB Daily app, we hope you will grow closer to Jesus each day.

•Customize your experience with a short Spiritual Growth Assessment.
•Schedule and receive up to 12 messages each day in a variety of forms--text, audio and video.
•Push notifications ensure you don't miss a single message.
•Save your favorites and share via social media.
•Write down your thoughts on the content using the notes feature. 

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